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        Water Power Clock



        Water Power Clock:

        1. WithouThis is a very good gift and a gift very suitable to promote company brand to customers. We can customize make the water powered clock with custom company logo, company name, and company website on the products.
        In a water powered clock, water is actually used as the conducting agent that completes the electrical circuit for the clock. A slowly dissolving piece of Zinc is used as the source of energy that powers the clock. Usage life will vary depending on the amount of Zinc, which could be several years or up to 5 years. Science and engineering come together to created the amazing water clock..


        Water Power Clock Description:
        1) Powered by water, no battery needed.
        2) Multifunctional water battery clock, with time, date, week, month, year display, with alarm and temprature functions.
        3) Mini shape, unique design, with good quality and price.
        4) Good promotional items, with affordable price, eco-friendly.
        5) logo imprint and trial order are available.



        Water Power Clock Design Features:

        1. Without batteries, electricity or any other power source, the clock can show the time and date clearly.
        2. A truly green product, it's an all natural wonder. educational and entertaining, pollution free and environmentally friendly. just pour a little water (or any liquid, even beer!) into the tubes on the back of the clock. It can show the time, month and date.
        3. An exclusive state of the art energy converter extracts electrons from water molecules to form a steady stream of electric current which act as fuels to generate electricity which drives the clock.

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